The P3-ROC (Pinball - Remote Operations Controller) is a circuit board that enables a computer to control a pinball machine over USB.


  • USB interface to host computer of your choice
  • 2 separate 2-wire interfaces to SW-16 switch board chains for switch inputs
  • 2 separate 2-wire interfaces to Driver Board chains for controlling devices (coils, magnets, motors, lamps, LEDs, etc)
  • 3-axis accelerometer (for motion, level, and shake detection)
  • Auxiliary port for controlling external logic circuits (8 data / 8 control)
  • 8 GPIOs
  • 64 individual burst switch controllers
  • Automatic control of up to 256 drivers
    • Functions: on/off, timed pulse, schedule, PWM
  • Automatic scanning of switches connected via SW-16 boards
    • Sends state changes per switch back to host over USB
  • Configurable switch rules
    • Automatically send commands to one or more drivers in response to switch state changes
    • Used for low latency reactions to switch events (flippers, pop bumpers, slingshots, etc)
  • Watchdog timer to protect your machine from software crashes
Note - The P3-ROC is not compatible with WPC/Stern machines and does not have support for switch matrixes or DMDs. Designers using the P3-ROC should use SW-16 boards for switch inputs and a PC-connected display, such as an LCD.  For switch matrix and/or DMD support, consider purchasing an original P-ROC.

Now you can implement custom game software!

The P3-ROC communicates with a host PC over USB.   Your custom game software applications will run on the PC and use the P-ROC for control of the real-time machine related functions, such as switch monitoring and output driving.  Therefore, the game application can implement the high level game management functions and leave the low level timing critical functions to the P3-ROC, thereby eliminating any potential problems with bus latency or software reaction time.

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Price: $275

Associated products:

Switch Input Boards: SW-16

Driver Boards: PD-16, PD-8x8, PD-LED