SW-16 Switch Board


SW-16 Switch Board

The SW-16 lets you connect 16 switch inputs to your P3-ROC board.


The SW-16 board delivers switch state information to a P3-ROC over a 2-wire RS-485 serial bus.

Each board has 2 separate banks of 8 switch inputs.  Each input is pulled up to 12V and detects a switch state change when the input drops below 6V.  Switch inputs can therefore be connected directly to:

  • Mechanical switches
  • Opto receivers
  • Hall effect sensors
  • ... and many other sensor devices

SW-16 boards can be chained together over the 2-wire serial bus to extend the number of switch inputs in the system.  Each SW-16 board has a set of dipswitches for uniquely identifying its address on the bus.  The P3-ROC has built-in support for 16 SW-16 boards, representing 256 switch inputs.

Note - The P3-ROC is the only PinballControllers.com product that natively connects to one or more SW-16 boards.  If you're using an original P-ROC, you'll need to wire your switches to its dedicated switch inputs and/or its switch matrix connectors.

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